Author: Liza Jasmina Stirling (me)

I have no formal knowledge or botanical qualifications, I’m just an ordinary-ish person who loves cooking and eating, and has a passion for plants and all aspects of nature.

At the time of starting this blog, I am very much a novice forager.
The knowledge I do have comes from natural curiosity and a simple thought process whenever I see a plant in the wild;

One: Ooh That looks nice! 

Two: I wonder what it is… 

Three: Can I eat it? 


As a result of subsequent thorough investigation, I am gradually learning to recognise and identify more plants I can eat, and (importantly) which ones to avoid!

Liza, The Foraging Foodie


I hope to use this blog as a place to document my quest for foraging wisdom and to inspire others to recognise and enjoy the many wonderful plants that grow around us.

I invite you to join me in exploring the many nutritional, medicinal and ecological values they hold for us and our planet.
I’d also like to encourage fierce protection and careful nurture of the wildlife we still have left!


I love cooking but measuring bores me! For this reason, I rarely make the exact same dish twice and writing out recipes can be tiresome…
I will do my best to present the recipes in such a way that is easy to follow, although I may sometimes be vague on quantities. I tend to operate on a haphazard bit of this, bit of that approach, which works best, I suppose, with a good dollop of experience and a smidgen of luck! 
I welcome your feedback on the recipes, and suggestions on making them easier to follow.
All the recipes on this blog are plant-based.
I prefer to use organic, local ingredients. 
As well as foraging for wild food, I like to grow my own herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Plants and Mushrooms:

I hadn’t initially intended to include these categories but once I got started it made more sense than repeating myself!
I will add the ones that I’m familiar with as they come up and then continue to add others as I learn. 
I try to be meticulous in my research, cross-referencing information and using a variety of sources (internet, books, plants, people) but if you notice any errors or feel that something is missing, please do get in touch.

Staying Alive:

If you’re not 100% sure, DON’T EAT IT! I’m not an expert and this blog is not intended to be used for plant identification. 
There are lots and lots of deliciously edible plants all around us but there are some toxic ones too and some of them can KILL you if you eat them, some can BURN you if you touch them, some need to be COOKED before you eat them, some have edible parts AND toxic parts, and, as with all things, sometimes an individual may just have an adverse reaction, so it’s wise to try new foods in small doses at first.


Don’t be put off!!!
Just be sure, be thorough. There are some edible plants with deadly look-alikes and a high level of expertise is essential in those cases but there are lot’s of easy to identify common edible plants that can be enjoyed by even the most novice of foragers, with a little care and effort. There are plenty of foraging experts throughout the UK, many of whom offer courses for beginners. Click here for more info. 

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Happy Foraging Foodies!