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We moved into our new home last September. I was so happy to be back in the countryside, among nature again.


The Joys Of Spring

Spring arrived and it was wonderful to see wild flowers growing all around our cosy home, with our own little wildlife garden nestled amongst it. 

As Everything began to bloom, the air was alive with the buzz and vibrancy of life… 

Bumble Bee

But then they cut, and they poisoned and they mowed and they sprayed. Farm, residential and council alike.  


Where Is The Wild?

I look around me now, there isn’t a wild flower in sight. Barren! All that food, all that habitat, Gone.

And the worst part is that I ate all mine!! [sobs uncontrollably] 

Is Hope Dead?

A few weeks ago, in a local town, we saw a white dove, trapped in the netting around the bank. We looked around hoping for somebody who could help… And suddenly a hero with a cherry picker appeared and freed that bird, against the odds.

It was almost magical, as the bird, rather than panic, as you might expect, seemed to listen to our instructions; I was calling up ‘walk that way’, I didn’t really expect it to work but to our amazement the dove casually hopped and stepped exactly the way we said, looking down at us every now and then as if to say ‘like this?’

We cheered as the white bird flew upwards in the traditional symbol of hope. It was a special moment.

Hero saves dove
A Hero In A Cherry Picker
dove flies free
Dove flying free
Hope For Humanity

But only a week or two later, I happened to glance up and see a tangled death caught in the nets of the church! So much for hope…

Dove killed in nets of church

Why do we need to put nets and spikes everywhere? Why do we need to destroy every wild flower that appears? Isn’t it about time we not only allow life to exist with us but to nurture it. To care!

My request to you

I feel so sad, so frustrated. How can people not see the beauty? Why do they want to kill it? We are part of it, as it is part of us. I don’t understand why they don’t understand!

So let us do more. Please, unite with me, in pledging to do even just one more thing today… 

Encourage a neighbour to leave the lawn to grow, for just a little longer.

Add a friendly sign to your wildlife garden to explain why it is wild; that you are not neglecting but nurturing.

Join a local volunteer scheme with Grow Wild or other conservation movement.

Spread awareness through social media, email and conversation. 

Plant more wild flowers.

Feed the birds. 

Teach the children.

“But I suppose the most revolutionary act one can engage in is... to tell the truth.” ― Howard Zinn

Most of all, never be afraid to speak the truth. Stand up for the smallest lives, even when you are ridiculed and scorned.
Always seek to protect those which need protecting, even if you fail. Never stop trying.

When it is all gone, can we at least say we did everything we could? 

Thank you for reading. 

Are you frustrated too? Do you have a suggestion for how we can do more? Please comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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