Small Potatoes Seasoned with Wild Garlic & Rosemary Salt

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Sea Salt, Flavoured with Wild Garlic Seeds and Dried Rosemary, Perfect Seasoning For Freshly Dug, Roast Potatoes. 

We enjoyed our first harvest from the garden yesterday! 😃 Our first domestic harvest, I should say. Something I actually planted and nurtured… Except, I didn’t even really do that! I just chose a patch of ground, (roughly 1 square meter) dug up some Dandelions and other edible wild plants to eat, ruffled up the soil a bit, chucked out a few rocks, and then buried the really old potatoes that were sprouting at the back of my cupboard.

After that, I basically just ignored them for a few months, and now I have lovely fresh potatoes. My kind of Magic! 💚  

Digging Potatoes
Garlic and rosemary salt

I decided it was a good day to dig some up, as I had just finished making my flavoured salt. Something I’d been meaning to try for a while…

At first I just wedged a sprig of dried Rosemary into a jar of coarse sea salt, but it just smelt kind of grassy. 


Wild Garlic Seeds

Previously, I’d only harvested the leaves of Wild Garlic (and snacked on the flower buds- Garlic Lollipops!) but I’ve been intrigued by the idea of using wild spices; So this year, I harvested some of the little black seeds produced by the flowers.

I decided they would make a good addition to the Rosemary and salt.

Wild Garlic Seed


Pestle And Mortar

I never knew Pestling could be so easy until I got me a decent sized Pestle and Mortar.* 
For years I struggled with a tiny marble one that was probably meant to be decorative! 😂

Garlic and rosemary salt

I pounded the Rosemary and Wild Garlic seeds, gradually adding the salt until I had a nice fine powder. I sieved it to remove any stubborn lumps, and voila! 
A beautiful Flavoured Salt with a delicious aroma.
All I needed was something to Season with it…

Digging It.

I selected a few lovely new potatoes from the Earth, cut some lettuces and picked a few wild greens. 

I washed the potatoes and cut into small cubes, drizzled with Olive Oil and put them into a hot oven, I kept the lid on for a bit to steam them slightly and then uncovered to crisp up.

Garden Veg

Simple Salad

Simple Salad

For the salad, I washed and finely chopped the lettuce, mixed in some grated carrot, and dressed with Lemon Juice and Olive Oil.

Finished with a sprinkling of Toasted Sunflower Seeds.


The Wild Greens, had a quick wash and were then  sauteed with Chilli and Garlic. Dandelion Leaves can be quite bitter, so I decided to try a tip recommended by Paul Tappenden on his facebook page recently, which is to add vinegar; so I splashed some Apple Cider Vinegar into the pan, in the last few minutes of cooking. 

Wild Greens cooked with vinegar

It really works! I did not detect any bitterness, as I usually would with Dandelion Greens. 😊👌

Perfect Summer Meal

This weeks veg box,* brought our first corn of the season, which were cooked in their husks, in the oven with the potatoes.


I sprinkled the Rosemary and Wild Garlic Salt over the hot potatoes, and the meal was complete.

Potatoes, corn, wild greens and salad

More Salt Please.

I’m really happy with the salt and excited to try out some other flavours. Having actually looked at some recipes now, I think it might be better to use fresh herbs etc and then dry them with the salt. I will try that next time.

Runner Beans
Tiny Beans
Fat Pea Pods
Chilli Flower
Chilli In Flower

It’s my first year in this garden so I’ve only grown a small amount of veg but I’d almost forgotten what a wonderful feeling you get when you see little fruits appear and grow! 😊💚

Thanks For Reading!

Have you made flavoured salt? Comment below if you have any good tips to share.

Happy Foraging Foodies!

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