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I often share information about products, companies or resources that I use. In some cases I use affiliate links, usually in the form of highlighted text. I mark these with an asterisk (*) to make it easier for you to spot them.

Why do I use affiliate links on my blog?

I have created this blog because I have a passion for plants and writing, and I hope to inspire others to learn with me and reconnect with our place in nature. But I need to earn some money; for the costs of running the blog as well as my own living costs. I have made the decision not to sign up for advertising schemes but rather to share my own personal recommendations with my readers. Using Affiliate links is a non-invasive way of providing you, my readers, with an option to browse or purchase products as you wish. Or not.

What is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is a customised URL that allows the affiliate (me) to gain a small commission of sales made through that link. 

For example: I am a Riverford* customer and affiliate; if you click on the link I provide it will take you to the Riverford website. It will be no different than if you visit their website from a google search except the URL is tracked to me, so if you decide you like the look of the products and choose to make a purchase or sign up as a customer, Riverford will know that it was me who recommended you.

Will it affect the price I pay?

No. If you choose to become a customer you will pay the same price that everybody pays, including me.

Do I have to use the links?

Of course not! This is why I include full disclosure, so you can make an informed choice.
If you prefer to look into the recommended products/companies without using these links, you can simply search them in your browser. 

But I really appreciate if you do choose to use my links as it helps to support me in creating and maintaining this blog. 🙂 

Thanks for your support.

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This website contains affiliate links.
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