The Sensory Herbal Handbook

The Sensory Herbal Handbook, written by Fiona Heckels and Karen Lawton (known collectively as The Seed Sistas), beautifully illustrated by Belle Benfield with a foreword from Bruce Parry.

I had the pleasure of meeting the Seed Sistas at last years medicinal mushroom conference, their exuberant energy is infectious. 

They have a delightful way of bringing the ancient mystery and magic of Herbal medicine together with the reassuring assertion of modern science.

This book captures the playful sense of fun and serene wisdom of its authors as they  share their vast plant medicine knowledge but more than that, they empower the reader with the key to that knowledge. 

A great book for anyone interested in Herbal medicine or wanting to connect with plants and the seasons on a deeper level. 

Purchase here: The Sensory Herbal Handbook

The Sensory Herbal Handbook
the sensory herbal handook