Mushrooms John Wright
Mushrooms, John Wright

River Cottage Handbook No. 1: Mushrooms by John Wright (introduction by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall)

I love this book! 

It’s not a comprehensive guide, like Roger Phillips’ Mushrooms, but it makes a great addition to any book collection. Listing important features and information for over 60 edible species, with colour photographs. And a useful chapter on some of the poisonous ones to look out for.

There is even a selection of recipes at the back, some of which will be less appealing to vegetarians but may still provide inspiration for cooking with wild mushrooms. 

This is a book that you’ll read for pure pleasure! (with the added benefit of learning).
John Wright has an engaging writing style that had me chuckling out loud on the first few pages.

I also really like the feel of this book. It’s a really nice size and weight, with an old fashioned, textured hardcover.


You can use this link for purchase or further information: River Cottage Handbook No.1 Mushrooms by John Wright.*

Please Note: The link above is for the Amazon website; As an Affiliate, I receive a small commission for any purchase you make (but won’t affect the price you pay). You may sometimes find this book cheaper elsewhere, so it’s worth checking local bookshops or other suppliers too.

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