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Liza, The Foraging Foodie
Photo By Sally

My name is Liza Jasmina Stirling

I created this blog to share my own foraging journey as I learn and explore the amazing range of wild plants and fungi available to us for food, medicine and other uses. I hope to inspire others to reconnect with our place in nature.

How it began...

My first foray into foraging was as a young girl with sparkling eyes and blue hands… 

Follow Your Dreams!

I believe that when people are free to pursue their passions, great things happen, and the world gets a little better.
A lot of the time it feels like we have no choice but to endure rather than enjoy our time on Earth.

But we do best when we do what we love, and we can support each other to do that! Here I am, following my passion, and I greatly appreciate your support. Just being here, reading this.
Little things can mean a lot. Share my post with a friend, get in touch and tell me what you think, like my facebook page, or if you can, and you want to, buy me a coffee. 🙂

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