I Was Chasing The Sun…

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I Was Chasing The Sun… 

Today was an unusually warm and bright November day, here in Devon.

I yearned to be in the woods, in the fields, in nature, in the sun but I had other things to do. Boring, uninspiring things but to be done nonetheless. 
I made my way through them hopeful to catch the last bit of the afternoon’s golden rays, and finally, I was free to roam! 

Just as the sun dipped below the hill… 

I could still see it shining on distant peaks though and once again, I wished that I could teleport or, at least, fly.
But I only had my legs and it was likely to be a losing race… At least I could Try!

Autumn Sun
Almost There!

I tried to find the quickest way, braving the busy road with no provisions for pedestrians until finally it was within my reach! 

Feeling triumphant, as I basked in the fragile light I gazed ahead, planning my next move.

I headed for a cemetery just ahead. I like cemeteries, I find them peaceful and interesting (and often good for foraging). I’m not so keen on churches, I find them cold, dark. Sometimes interesting, even beautiful but always with an air of oppression to me.

Churchyard at sunset

As I stepped inside, my gaze was drawn to a tombstone, glowing, as the falling sun bounced off the rusty memorial.

When I am foraging or Mushroom Hunting, I like to follow my senses; if I’m drawn to a particular tree, flower, or something else that catches my eye, I go there. Look closer. More often than not I find something wonderful! As though nature were guiding me…


So I approached the tombstone. 
I took a moment just to look at it, tilted to one side, no visible scripture of a life remembered… and perhaps forgotten.
Then I looked down…

I was surrounded by Mushrooms! 

A vibrant flash of red told me I’d found my first Scarlet Waxcap! 

Red Waxcap

Encouraged, I headed for the hills! 

Climbing up a steep ploughed field was hard going and I was out of breath when I stopped halfway and looked over at a nearby Ash Tree, then wowed out loud at the enormous Bracket Fungi I saw!
Ash Bracket Fungi
Huge Bracket fungus
With Knife For Scale

Having suitably admired the impressive mushroom, I made my way around the tree and gazed (rather foolishly!) at the glinting sun peeping through the branches, and noticed something else…

Tremella mesenterica -Yellow Brain Fungus (I think!)

This is enough, 

I thought, as I stood basking in the late Autumn rays. Below me, home. Above, the lure of the woodland. Darkness on it’s way… 
I continued climbing.

In The Woods

So, finally,
              it came to be,
that here I was,
              against all odds,
in the woods!

I stood and breathed it in and felt it. You know what I mean.
That magic… That Otherworldly-ness! 

The Fungi Faeries peeped out at me. From Ferny caverns and mossy banks.

I was delighted to find these pale yellow spindles at my feet!

There wasn’t enough light for taking photographs, so I put my camera away and just walked. Gazing up at trees with awe and scanning the ground with casual hope. Happy!

I began the slow descent homewards, my eyes feasting on the remains of a glorious sunset, with a smile on my face, a spring in my step, one unidentified mushroom in my basket and a handful of photos on my camera…  

I felt renewed. Invigorated, Peaceful, Happy, Hungry! Thankful.

Sidmouth sunset

I Was Chasing The Sun…

And I Found Myself.

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  1. Dave

    That’s a beautiful story Liza. And great photos too.

    1. Liza

      Thank you Dave. 🙂

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