Meadow Sweet

Meadow Sweet

Filipendula ulmaria

Meadow-Sweet (Filipendula ulmaria), is a lesser known source of salicylic acid, the compound present in Willow and used to make Aspirin.
The flowers can be used in the same ways as Elderflowers, and when taken as tea, tincture or syrup can provided pain relief without being harsh on the system like Aspirin.

It’s honeyed fragrance made it a popular ingredient in Mead (Honey Wine), hence the common name Mead wort.
It’s also known as Bridewort, traditionally used in Bridal bouquets and strewn about the church for it’s sweet scent.
Another common name is Queen Of The Meadow.

Behind the delicate floral aroma, is a distinct medicinal tang and caution is advised, particularly for those allergic to aspirin or taking any other blood thinning drugs.

As a wild food, it’s popular for making Sorbets or ice creams, as well as Cordials, syrups and other beverages.

Meadow Sweet Cordial

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